jueves, 19 de abril de 2007

unit 15

where were you born?

david concepcion benitez

born june 17, 1948 in maracay
aragua state,venezuela
baseball player

his name is david concepcion, he was born in maracay
aragua state,venezuela.
he was a baseball player,
he was shortstop he palyer in the major leangue baseball with cincinati reds tean,
he was the M.V.P. player in 1982
unit 14

did you have a good weekend?

on saturday, I was working
the home, ot afternoon I went to the mall,at nigth I went to
the bar and disco.
on sunday,I slept on the morning, in the ofternoon I visited a friend in the hospital
and ot night I was working in the computer.
unit 13

you can't miss it

the direction!
where on decandido?

I'm in my hause.
I go to decandido, I take the guajira's I turn left ,
I straigth aheod ot the and of the avenue I turn left ,
I take the circumvalacion 2AV.
in the corner I turn rigth, I take the delicias AV,
and is in the corner between the delicias and circulvalacion2AV
unit 12

what's the matter?

"the dramatize"

patient: good morning. I'm Alejandra
secretary:hello,good morning, Ms Alejandra
patient: I need to see the doctor!
secretary: do you have an appointment?
patient:no, I don't, but I am an urgency!
secretary:what's the matter?
patient:well,I have a terrible stomachache.
secretary:one moment please.
please, come in, and take a set.
patient:thanks so much!
doctor:hello, Ms Alejandra
what's wrong, exectly?
patient:I feel terrible, I have a stomachache.
doctor:ok, let's take a look at you,
I'm going to give you some antacid
take one spoonful every day after every meal.
doctor:you need a balanced diet!
you must go to a nutritionist!
patient:ok, thanks Doc.

In the pharmacy...

salesman:hello,good morning!
patient:hi! I need antacid please!
selesman:ok. one moment please.
patient:quick please!
selesman:here it is.
selesman:bye,good lucky,see you!.
unit 11

what are you going to do?

I'm going to celebrate my birthday is fabulous ,
I'm to be 21 newt week,
I'm going ti invinte two big friends karla and carilina out to dinner.

lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

unit 10

you can play baseball really well

I don't like sport a lot but,
I played volleyball in the high school,
and I wolk there times at week
in the stadium
unit 9

broccoli is good for you!!!


I always eat rise, meat,chicken and salad. I don't eat so much I can get fat. I like chicken, pizza and fruits , I don't like fish,hot dog,corrot,onion and grains,because I never eat these and It't flavor is no good . I don't have a strictic diet, but would like have a healthy diet for keep in good form my body. I need eat proteins and vegetables but don't eat a lot of fast food because most of it's has fat.